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  • Wednesday (29/05/2024) by Sylvie Bracque
    Discover the Deeper Dimensions of Trust

  • Thursday (30/05/2024) by Marleen Boen
    Live your essential BEING
    Ask the existential questions

  • Friday (31/05/2024) by Kathleen Bosman
    Not prepared for the future

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Each session starts at 12:30 and lasts 45 minutes. Of course there will be time for Q&A.



Trust, a word we often hear, but how often do we take the time to really understand what it means? 

Trust is more than just a promise or an expectation; it is a complex fabric of experiences, reflections and connections. 

How about a fresh perspective on trust? A deeper understanding that goes beyond superficial expectations and allows you to look at yourself as well? 

Then we invite you to a first introduction of the many layers of trust during an engaging and free session. 

🔍 Explore Trust in a New Way

We dive into the world of trust together, focusing on external expectations and inner reflections.

🌈 Expand Your Perspective on Trust

We challenge you to look beyond the surface. What does trust mean to you? How can you broaden your understanding and find new ways to approach it?

👥 Join for an Interactive Experience

Let this not be just another session, but an engaging journey into the heart of trust. Together we will explore, share and learn. Participate in valuable exchange, share your insights and discover new ways to build trust, both in others and yourself.

Ready to look at trust from a renewed perspective?


Within all of us lies an inexhaustible source of wisdom, an inner goldmine. 

By asking yourself existential life questions, this source can fill its function: enable you to live your life in connection with your true being - whether it is about relationships, love, work and career, health or personal development.

Which path do you allow yourself to take? Are you stuck in a life of sacred hardship or do your heart and gut have their say too? 

It is always about the essence of your BEING. Listening to yourself and developing a strong sense of self-connection lead to an integration of our full being. And an integral life leads to a fulfilling way of living - there is nothing 'fluffy' about that.

Existential life questions and their answers build the bridge between what you already know unconsciously and what you can still bring into your lives consciously.

💫 Curious about the 5 entrances to build this bridge? You are welcome to push your boundaries and allow more 'spirit' too.


According to a survey by Amazon and Workplace Intelligence in an active population of 3,000 respondents, 70% of them feel unprepared for the future of work.

By 2030, a number of jobs will be gone. And even more by 2050. What jobs do remain and what is the link to coaching in "the future of work"?

According to the Amazon/Workplace Intelligence survey, nearly 80% of workers are concerned that they lack the skills and 70% are concerned that they lack the training to advance their careers. In addition, 58% believe their skills have become outdated since the pandemic.

This has major implications, as 56% of people believe these shortcomings will negatively impact their ability to advance in their careers and 57% believe they will have difficulty transferring to another job or industry.

💼 Not to mention the other factors that influence the "future of work" and that will define tomorrow's work environment. Those interested in learning more about the future of work and its link to coaching are welcome to attend the webinar.